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Give me light!

We’re the first ones to agree that unpacking by candlelight is a romantic sentiment, but cold showers are another story altogether.
We know, so here’s a few tips to make sure you’re not stumbling over boxes with head torches in the dark.

How much notice do you need to give your provider? 

Ideally you want to tell your power company at least three business days before you’re moving date, but you can also tell them up to a month in advance.
Best tip this year…… you can use MoovMe to let your provider know you’re moving and the date you want the power disconnected at your old place and reconnected at your new one. Hey, why not tell all your provides at the same time – too easy!

Do you need to provide a final meter reading?

If you’ve got a smart meter you don’t need to worry about sending a final meter reading. Phew.
If you don’t have a smart meter reading then unfortunately you will need to send one to your provider. You can send it to them up to 3 days after you move out. After using MoovMe to tell your provider you’re moving, they’ll email you with confirmation they’ve received request and let you know if they require a final meter reading.
If your final reading seems unusual compared to your typical usage then your provider might need to send a technician out to read the meter. This will incur a charge, which varies depending on your provider.
Some power providers will send you an email/text on the day you move out reminding you to send them a final meter reading.

When will the power be turned on at your new property?

Your power will be switched on ready and waiting for you when you move in, based on the date you specify you’re moving through MoovMe.
This is assuming your previous occupier or electricity supplier has left the power on at your new house.

What happens if you’ve moved in and your power is switched off? 

If your new house has been empty for a while and the power has been switched off, we can arrange to get this reconnected for you as soon as possible, with the best provider. In this instance, you may need to pay a reconnection fee. We can help you find the provider that can get you reconnected at the best price and as quickly as possible.
For a remote reconnection (if you have a smart meter) this can be done within a couple of hours for $20 – $30. For a standard meter this can typically be done on the same business day for $90 and out of hours, or over the weekend for $120 – $130.

What about if I want to switch providers? Will this just be a headache? 

Believe it or not, it’s a super seamless process! You can use MoovMe to tell your current provider that you’re moving home, but you can also use MoovMe to make sure you’re with the provider that best suits your needs.
You can review all the deals available in one place through MoovMe, want a hand finding the best provider – ask us, we’re here to help. You can sign up to your preferred provider directly through MoovMe and we’ll tell your old provider to cancel your services all at once. Too easy right.
Any questions on how it all works – give us a call 0800 666 869, drop us an email at or find us on Live Chat now.