Frequently asked questions

How does MoovMe make money?

MoovMe is 100% free to you and we are happy to be transparent. To providers your correct address is valuable, so they pay us not you!

Why wouldn't I just tell my providers myself?

Why wouldn’t you? Why would you! MoovMe has been built to put everything in one place for you. Don’t worry, you will recieve confirmation of everything that we’ve transferred so you can rest assured knowing that it is all done for you.

Are my details secure?

At MoovMe we take privacy and security very seriously. We neither sell nor pass on information to 3rd parties that you don’t request us to. For further information on our privacy policy read it here.

How will I know when my providers have been notified?

You will receive an email or a telephone call from the companies you have told. This will let you know that they have received your communication.

If you haven’t heard from them within 48 hours and you rely on their services, we suggest you follow up with them directly. Most companies we work with have a 5 day period to work with. We move thousands of people a month and it’s very unusual a company hasn’t helped our customers.

Will MoovMe be able to notify every organisation?

We hope so yes, we have most of the main companies that you’d want to tell already loaded on our platform. We work with over 300 companies, a number which is consistently growing

For easy navigation our site is separated into sections:

-Power & Gas

-Broadband, Phone & TV

-Licence (drivers & other)




-Financial Services


-Loyalty & Membership

-Health & Leisure

-Council (rates, dogs registration etc)



-Foundations & Societies


What if I need to speak to my provider about my move?

Use MoovMe to notify them of the change of address and write any special details in the notes section, alternatively, request a call from the provider in this space.

I'm setting up in a new place for the first time, can MoovMe help?

Absolutely, you can either select “Connect New Services” on the site or call 0800 666 869 to have someone find the best options for you.

I'm not moving yet

Most of the people who use us aren’t. Select a date in the future to have everything ready and waiting for you when you do move. Alternatively, if you aren’t sure you aren’t required to input a moving date or address. Sign up and get familiar with how it all works, you can save your move at any time and your suppliers won’t be notified until you have completed the moov.

You can also just leave your email address on the home page and we’ll send you useful tips leading up to your move.

What happens if I already have moved?

That’s fine, just enter today’s date instead of a future date and your providers will be notified immediately.

What about if I'm moving somewhere temporarily?

Would you believe it, we can handle that too. Simply Sign Up and Make a Moov, you can choose to cancel your services for now and tell all your other providers about your temporary address so they can send any mail there in the meantime.

Then when you know where you’ve moving to, you can login and make another Moov. Let all the same companies (bank, insurance, loyalty etc) know about your new permanent address and choose the power and broadband providers on the deals page and we’ll get everything connected for you.

Want a hand finding the best rates at your new home? No problem, drop us an email or give us a call 0800 666 869.​

Now all I need is someone to move my stuff!

Well, believe it or not we do that too – sort of. Email us or go to the Moving Quotes page to get sorted!